February 9, 2016

By Justin Welsh, D.V.M.

Whether you’re hauling a single animal or a pot load of cattle, effective stockmanship practices are critical when loading, transporting and unloading cattle to ensure there isn’t a disruption in the animals’ health, soundness and performance. Continue reading

Stockmanship at the Feedlot

Post2_pen2January 5, 2016

By Justin Welsh, D.V.M.

In the last installment, I wrote about CreatingConnections™ – a program that helps producers better understand cattle behavior and how to use that knowledge to enhance animal health and well-being. Continue reading

CreatingConnections: Helping Continuously Improve Stockmanship

CCwebsiteDecember 15, 2015

By Justin Welsh, D.V.M.

To make it easier for veterinarians and producers to emphasize and continuously improve on vital stockmanship skills and reiterate their importance to everyone who works with the animals, Merck Animal Health developed its CreatingConnections™ initiative. Continue reading

Vaccination needs at preg-check

December 1, 2015

By Kevin Hill, D.V.M

Pregnancy-check is a time to identify and sell open cows. But, just as important, it is an opportunity to take the steps necessary to ensure pregnant cows deliver calves that are healthy and vigorous. Among those steps, vaccinations for prevention of late term abortions and colostrum enhancement are key. Continue reading