Feeding Future Populations: An Understanding of Disease, Animal Therapy

During the past few years, consumers have become increasingly interested in their food – where it comes from, how the animals were raised and what products were used during the life of the animal. Unfortunately, consumers aren’t always getting an accurate picture. Combine a significant gap between the public and agriculture with considerable misinformation run amok and consumers are rightfully confused. Antibiotic use in food production animals, including beef cattle, is one such topic that has consumers asking more questions than ever before. 

Antibiotics are used to fight bacterial infections in production beef animals. Today’s newer antibiotics are more powerful and effective, which reduces the number of products needed in our continued stewardship of proper animal welfare and consumer trust. Antibiotic programs are used strictly by veterinarians and beef production managers with a solid understanding of their use, dosing and timing. This means that beef from treated animals is free of any antibiotics as the meat is processed, packaged and sent to retailers.

Cattle production technologies, like antibiotic use, help support producers’ efforts to manage the health and well-being of their cattle more effectively. This, along with the education and a greater transparency by those within the industry, will help give consumers more confidence in their food.

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