CreatingConnections: Helping Continuously Improve Stockmanship

CCwebsiteDecember 15, 2015

By Justin Welsh, D.V.M.

To make it easier for veterinarians and producers to emphasize and continuously improve on vital stockmanship skills and reiterate their importance to everyone who works with the animals, Merck Animal Health developed its CreatingConnections™ initiative.

You will learn from leading cattlemen how to:

  • Reduce animal stress
  • Improve animal health, well-being and performance
  • Increase handler safety and job satisfaction

    Dr. Paulo Loureiro and Dr. Tom Noffsinger

    Dr. Paulo Loureiro and Dr. Tom Noffsinger

One focal point of CreatingConnections is learning through its Educational Series. The first module focuses on acclimation. It features Tom Noffsinger, D.V.M., Production Animal Consultation (PAC), Dan Thomson, D.V.M., Kansas State University, and Paulo Loureiro, D.V.M., Merck Animal Health, all experts on low-stress cattle handling.

The Acclimation Educational Module includes handling techniques that are pivotal to working successfully with cattle and helping them acclimate more quickly to new surroundings. It details how to gauge each animal’s individual characteristics, as well as how to identify the influential animals and work with them to establish trust and confidence throughout the herd.

New resources are being added to the site, so be sure to sign up for email updates.

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