Poll: Managing Animal Health

Getting to know your BRD Pathogens

Bovine respiratory disease complex (BRDC) treatment starts with prevention, for good reason. Implemented properly, a strong health program will generate antibodies against dangerous bacteria and viruses, stimulate a strong immune response and reduce the threat from parasites. However, if these precautions aren’t successful, BRD pathogens can invade and are destructive, opportunistic and quick to develop into dangerous multi-pathogen complexes.

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Beef Quality Assurance – Healthy Herds, Happy Consumers

Nineteen out of 20 beef products originating in the United States are raised within Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) guidelines. That’s quite a tribute to America’s cattlemen and their partnership with the agencies, experts, and animal health and beef production companies that make up the beef business. Even so, most consumers, and a fair number of producers, don’t know what BQA is. While the program isn’t always recognized by name, the BQA core principle, quality cattle care, is the foundation of healthy herds and consumer confidence.

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Recommendations for Managing a BRD Breakout

Every producer needs to have a game plan for bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Having a plan of action will ensure the well-being of your cattle feeding operation and help sick cattle get back on feed as quickly as possible.

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