Multi-university survey of veterinarians provides insights into nursing calf BRD

Nursing CalfWith this post, we begin a two-part series on building BRD immunity in young calves. Terry Engelken, DVM, MS, an associate professor at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, is a guest blogger. Continue reading

Making a Complete Diagnosis – Not Every Cough is a Symptom of BRD

Say you spot an animal, probably a recent arrival, looking rough. It appears gaunt and sluggish, is breathing heavily, dragging its feet and maybe even suffering from nasal discharge, diarrhea and or fever. What conditions and treatments are on your radar? Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is a good guess, but don’t end your list there. Other dangerous conditions also can mimic respiratory symptoms.

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Factors Determining Treatment Effectiveness

Once an animal develops symptoms of bovine respiratory disease (BRD), there is more-or-less only one tool in the toolbox – antibiotics. However, as most producers have learned at some point or another, the same product, or the same strategy, doesn’t always have the same effect.

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Reading Labels – It’s easy, it’s important

Treatment time is a critical period in the life of cattle. It is one of the most difficult times to manage animal stress, but those few moments at the headgate are your chance to get a good look at each individual and provide what’s needed for optimal health and productivity. Given what is at stake, it makes sense to take the time to read labels and become familiar with the vaccines, antibiotics and other products you will use.

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